We are looking for a person who will be interested in working on our product in the Team of slightly crazy enthusiasts ;). Who would like to influence its development, the decisions made and the course of the project's development. Who believes that work is not a dull place but a place that can be full of inspiration, ideas, and infinitely more.

About the product:

Our product is the white-label OTT platform that provides streaming and VOD solutions. Its functionality covers everything starting from the live streaming services with the advanced player, various monetization options, ending with the analytics and support. Still, we got the roadmap with a huge bunch of new features and possibilities to add into our product.

What is needed:

  • Good understanding of golang internals;
  • Experience with PostgreSQL and NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB);
  • Good knowledge of algorithms;
  • Experience with Kafka;
  • Knowledge of microservice patterns.

What would you do:

  • You will participate in the development of a new live streaming solution where you will have the ability to bring your own value and see it working;
  • You will be working with the event-driven architecture and keeping up to date with the cutting-edge technologies, no-legacy code;
  • Development of new features related to live to stream using the integrations with AWS.

What does working with us mean:

  • We appreciate new ideas and give possibilities to influence products and processes;
  • Flat structure, not a command and control management;
  • Decisions based on data or vision, not mood;
  • We tend to resolve problems, not hide;
  • We are learning on our mistakes and are not looking for someone to blame;
  • Work and life balance, we aim for no overtimes;
  • Flexible working hours - we care about results, not hours spent;
  • We have our training and development department and are willing to share knowledge and to give our Team various possibilities to grow;
  • One of our values is ‘People First’ - and we adhere to it in all the processes.