We’re looking for a Lead Golang Developer who can put team players on the same page to work toward the same goal focusing inner, on people and outer. On our board we desire to see an executive who can connect, innovate, and help Infinite team to drive great results in today’s ever-changing reality.
If you’re looking for having a meaningful and positive impact on both the product and the company, we should get acquainted. This role will empower you to be your best self. Are you ready to join us on this journey?

    The Infinite Story:

    Infinite is all-about live-streaming service. It covers livestreams with advanced player, live chats, various monetization options, analytics, support and a whole bunch of new features on the roadmap. We already have the white-label box solution for the content providers and right now we are focusing on the SaaS solution for eCommerce. Shoppable livestreams, products management, integrations with the eCommerce platforms - all of it is under development right now.

    Is this you?:

    • 4+ years of experience in general-purpose programming languages Go or C++/Java/C#/Python/Ruby/PHP;
    • Knowledge or hands on experience with Go programming language (concurrency, dependency management, go tools);
    • Deep knowledge of distributed systems: CQRS, Event sourcing, SAGA etc;
    • Good knowledge of algorithms;
    • Experience in using good practices of designing complex systems such as DDD, unit testing etc;
    • Practical experience with PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB and Kafka;
    • Practical experience with AWS;
    • Strong interest and experience in performance optimisation;
    • Experience with production environments including hands-on experience dealing with deployments, monitoring, A/B testing and scalability;
    • Experience in managing technical team.

    Responsibilities include:

    • You will be responsible for managing of technical team;
    • You will participate in the development of a new live streaming solution where you will have the ability to bring your own value and see it working
    • You will be working with the event-driven architecture and keeping up to date with the cutting-edge technologies, no-legacy code;
    • Development of new features related to live streaming using the integrations with AWS.

    About our cultural values

    • People first. It is essential for us to build open and trusting relationship with our employees.
    • Synergy. All members of our team complement each other perfectly. Together we achieve synergies with business in search of a win-win solution.
    • Aim to greatness. We a just strive to be the best. We hire only first-class experts to jointly develop cutting-edge solutions.
    • Elegance. The beauty and technological elegance of our solutions are as important to us as their functionality.
    • Passion & courage. We work passionately and are not afraid to take a leap of faith and make bold decisions.
    • Precision. We always take responsibility for our words and actions and encourage this quality in our employees

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