Would you like to accept new challenges and try your hand at Go development?
Perfect match!

The Infinite Story:
Infinite is all-about live-streaming service. It covers livestreams with advanced player, live chats, various monetization options, analytics, support and a whole bunch of new features on the roadmap. We already have the white-label box solution for the content providers and right now we are focusing on the SaaS solution for eCommerce. Shoppable livestreams, products management, integrations with the eCommerce platforms - all of it is under development right now.

About the position:

We are looking for a person who will be interested in working on our product in the Team of slightly crazy enthusiasts ;). Who would like to influence its development, the decisions made and the course of the project's development. Who believes that work is not a dull place but a place that can be full of inspiration, ideas, and infinitely more.

Is this you?:

  • 4+ years of experience in general-purpose programming languages Go/C++/Java/C#/Python/Ruby/PHP;
  • Knowledge or hands on experience with Go programming language (concurrency, dependency management, go tools);
  • Experience with PostgreSQL and NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB);
  • Good knowledge of algorithms;
  • Experience with Kafka;
  • Knowledge of microservice patterns.

Responsibilities include:

  • You will participate in the development of a new live streaming solution where you will have the ability to bring your own value and see it working;
  • You will be working with the event-driven architecture and keeping up to date with the cutting-edge technologies, no-legacy code;
  • Development of new features related to live streaming using the integrations with AWS.

About our cultural values

  • People first. It is essential for us to build open and trusting relationship with our employees.
  • Synergy. All members of our team complement each other perfectly. Together we achieve synergies with business in search of a win-win solution.
  • Aim to greatness. We a just strive to be the best. We hire only first-class experts to jointly develop cutting-edge solutions.
  • Elegance. The beauty and technological elegance of our solutions are as important to us as their functionality.
  • Passion & courage. We work passionately and are not afraid to take a leap of faith and make bold decisions.
  • Precision. We always take responsibility for our words and actions and encourage this quality in our employees

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